C-Bus® Automation Controller

The Wiser for C-Bus Automation Controller (5500SHAC) is an advanced controller from Schneider Electric. It is specifically designed to unite the C-Bus home automation solution with common household communication protocols — from lighting and climate control, to security, entertainment and energy metering. These can be seamlessly and efficiently integrated. Beyond that, it provides a simple, customisable user interface that enriches the user experience both inside and outside of the home, on either PC, tablet, or mobile device.

Residential IP network controller for automation & control
in homes & small commercial buildings


As a gateway, it allows communication and interoperation between different functions and systems like lighting, blinds, heating and cooling. Thanks to this function, C-Bus lighting & room control management can be simply integrated into  a simple user experience.

User interface

As a user interface — based on a web server application — all functions can be controlled and be displayed on local and mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Memory functions

The automation controller displays gas, water, and electricity measurements, monitoring daily, monthly, and yearly consumption. It stores and analyses data and identifies potential energy savings, increasing home energy efficiency.

Logic / Event Controller

Advanced logic functions are possible in order to optimize energy efficiency and comfort. As an event controller, it enhances communications by sending notifications/messages in case of any system failure or issue.

KNX ® Connectivity System

Intelligent building control from Lv Electric now unites functions under one roof which were previously controlled separately – and this with optimum energy consumption. It is based on KNX – a standard suitable for all types of buildings.
Greater flexibility and comfort, better cost efficiency and security with KNX

Everything Under One Roof

Safety and security

Building technology must be able to react quickly and intelligently in critical situations even when nobody’s left in the building. With central control of building functions too, a single press of a button will ensure the lights are turned off when an office or house is vacated or that power is switched off for all socket-outlets connected to devices such as photocopiers and kettles.


Demands for comfort are not just greater than ever before but ever more individualised too. Technology therefore not only needs to be flexible but simple and convenient to operate.


Those building today may not be planning for eternity but they’re planning for the long-term at least. So it’s a good idea if technical building equipment can also be adjusted simply, flexibly and at low cost to the modified requirements and its new users.

Cost efficiency

Did you know that the latest building control systems can result in energy savings of up to 30%? This has a positive effect on ongoing operating costs and increases the attractiveness of a property for users and tenants – particularly against a background of rising energy costs. Furthermore, efficient use of energy also pays out for our environment.

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